When My Song Changed the World

by The Mike Penny Orchestra



Remember the time when my song changed the world?
When my vocals were tight,
Lyrics clever, full of insight
You might recall when my tune swayed the vote
I effected real change with iconoclastic notes
Mother was so proud that night
She called and even got my name right!
These are my choir boys, they sing songs of praise
To the ginger Jehovah who guides their souls through this maze
They will be my legacy
I understand your jealousy
But please don't be unkind to me
Now put me down
Put me down!
I died a mARTyr in 2015
Then a teardrop from Heaven washed all the world clean
My death caused my father to flood Earth again
Seems we've forgotten...
My brilliant songs changed and challenged all life
With my art I pierce hearts
My songs musical knives
I'm great!


released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


The Mike Penny Orchestra Los Angeles, California

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