by The Mike Penny Orchestra



Brown eyes
No joke, I'm
Bad with words
So you can kindly just infer
My sentiment
I'm no poetic type
I'll skip the pretense
Truth is I'm useless without my three-stringed friend

He's got the lines
I just have my big awkward plectrum
I scrape the love-prose pail
But fail

Here's the shamisentimental part:
Hear my melodies and know my heart

Let's start with a phrase (♫)
That's my way of saying that, like...I like what you look like
Words ain't no friends of mine
When I'm…

Feeling shamisentimental, girl
You might wanna go before I make you hurl

(SHAMONSTERS) As you can see he has difficulty
(MIKE) Finding the words to say what I mean
(SHAMONSTERS) Cure your self-doubt, check out a couple magazines
Clip out the coupons and get a new face!
(MIKE) Shouldn't you be telling me to just be myself or something?
(SHAMONSTERS) Wouldn't you rather be somebody else?
(MIKE) What's that supposed to mean?!
(SHAMONSTERS) Nothing. Whatever. We're just trying to help.

It's hard to be dignified
When I'm
Feeling shamisentimental, I
Lose my cool in front of you 'til I find
Courage again in my little friend
(SHAMONSTERS) At least it's not booze, it's just his shamisen
When I get stuck, my courage I pluck
Lucky for you, I'm all of of puns!


released April 14, 2014



all rights reserved


The Mike Penny Orchestra Los Angeles, California

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