Another Day in the D​.​P​.​R​.​K.

by The Mike Penny Orchestra



Thanks for listening, all of you imperialist aggressors out there! In all seriousness, I respect and admire the North Korean people for their spirit and discipline. Their desire to crush their southern neighbors along with the West doesn't exactly endear them to me, their undying devotion to a dynasty of megalomaniacal isolationist dictators is tragic, and I think the Juche idea is a terrible idea, but their Mass Games is the most mind-blowing spectacle I've ever seen! Also, they have written some incredibly catchy communist music over the years! Gotta give credit where credit's due. It seems like a strange, mostly scary, sometimes beautiful place to me. There are some great, objective documentaries about North Korea and its people that I recommend watching including State of Mind, Seoul Train, Crossing the Line, and National Geographic: Inside North Korea.


Look at all these happy me's
Lucky to be
The citizenry of
My heavenly kingdom
None of them brainwashed by
Filthy outsiders' abominable lies
That I'm some kind of evil guy
Why would I subject my subjects to such dreck?
Hence, there's no World Wide Web
Nobody minds
They're all too busy just trying to
Cope with famine and disease
No anesthesia
In my North Korea
Where I'll never feed ya
Lovin' the juche way
Pour me some Henne
Before I go on teli
Today is my birthday so
Though you're all thirsty
Just how much you love D.P.R.K.

It's always my birthday so
Though you're all thirsty
You know you can't leave anyway
My fellow comrades
Just how much you love D.P.R.K.


released November 20, 2011



all rights reserved


The Mike Penny Orchestra Los Angeles, California

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